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On Uniting the Sciences of the First Order of Abstraction: Physica and Modern Physics -  Based on a presentation given at the 2018 American Maritain Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

Sign in the Sky - September 23, 2017
A presentation concerning a unique configuration of the planets within the constellations Virgo and Leo during the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.
Based on a presentation given at the 2016 American Maritain Association Annual Meeting

September 2015:  Paper: "The Albert Magnus Lyceum of the River Forest School - An Attempt at Integrating the Modern Sciences with a Realist Philosophy of Nature"

Abstract: The Albertus Magnus Lyceum (1951–1969), often referred to as the River Forest School, is discussed, including its goals, people, accomplishments, and closure. The AML’s goal was to address the divide between modern science and philosophy by recognizing that the philosophy of nature needed to be separated from metaphysics and united with the modern sciences. AML’s differences with Maritain’s call to accomplish the same goal are discussed, as Maritain and AML were calling for the same unity of knowledge in the first degree of abstraction. The closing of the AML following the Second Vatican Council is discussed and the decision of the Council not to follow with the previous pontiffs in placing the philosophy of St. Thomas in a place of superiority among philosophical systems is seen as the primary reason for the disappearance of efforts dealing with this topic in the aftermath of the Council.

February 2012Dr. Klenk received a master's degree in philosophy from Holy Apostles College and Seminary on January 30, 2012. His master thesis focused on the need for the modern sciences to be conversant with its realistic foundational philosophy.


The thesis is available here and its title is "Toward a Broader Natural Science Discipline".

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