Science Systems Consulting, Inc.

Management Services

Team Building: Have you recently taken over the operations of a new contract and need to establish the management and leadership team to execute the commitments you made to your customer?  Do you have diverse programs that operate independently and do not leverage your company’s capabilities adequately to keep your customers delighted with your performance? Then perhaps you should consider doing some team building. We can work with you to troubleshoot and pinpoint problems, design a team building program and assist you in the implementation of your plan. 


Customer Relations: What does your customer really think of you and your performance? Do you have an important contract that is coming up for recompetition? You may want to consider having us work with you to design a plan for making sure you know your customers needs, desires, feelings, preferences and perceptions. We can help you design, plan and conduct a customer contact effort best suited for your situation. We can a conduct customer survey and talk individually to your customers depending on your needs.


Operations Management: Are you struggling with a customer interface that is ineffective or overly complicated. What about your management structure? Are you uncertain as to how you should organize or whether you should be using a line management or matrix management approach? Are you struggling with how to best share the skills and expertise across projects and programs?  These are problem areas for which we have extensive experience and can provide you with various creative solutions that could greatly advance your overall management effectiveness.