Science Systems Consulting, Inc.

Training, Workshops and Tools

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Proposal Team Training: Are you facing a major proposal effort with team members who have little or no experience with the proposal development process? If so, we can help you by providing them with the training that will prepare them to participate intelligently with out wasting their time or causing frustration. We provide both general proposal team training and specialized storyboard training for your proposal team participants.


Workshops:  Often times a carefully crafted proposal requires the insights and applied knowledge of a large number of people from across a large organization or across several organizations or companies. The essential customer data and marketing intelligence possessed by capture team must be communicated to the proposal team. Workshops of various natures are often necessary to faithfully and effectively communicate this information. We can organize and facilitate these workshops for you, whether they be for a win strategy development, for competitive analysis or for high-level storyboarding.


Tools and Templates: We can help your growing company by providing a variety of tools and templates for managing the various aspects of a proposal development effort. We have tools and templates for scheduling, outlining, leading kick-off meetings, organizing review meetings, focusing review team debriefings and many others activities. Call us and we can help you customize tools and templates to your company or proposal needs.